“CRATER on The MOON” Variety!

This spectacular shift of several colors has created one of the most popular EFO items in recent years. The yellow and red inks are shifted down, with the astronaut almost missing his glass viewing window, and now looks like a “ghost astronaut! His arm flag is shifted down the sleeve. But most interesting of all is the deep blue crater dug into the moon surface, and the white crescent at the top of the Earth! I Offer Singles @ $25 Corner BK4 $100

Also, from my stock of Errors, Freaks, & Oddities:
USA #900 Top Sheet Gutter Snipe with portions of stamps from next sheet! VF+ $12.50
USA #901 Side Margin Block/4 with just one perf between each horizontal pair! VF++ $13.50
USA # 1039 Block/4 with very heavy , very dark overinking. Wet printing. VF++ $35